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About Claire

I felt no passion in my job, dissatisfied in my relationships, creatively stagnant, heartbroken by the injustice in the world, and out of touch with my true self. I felt lost, hopeless, anxious, and confused. I was frustrated with myself, and blamed my upbringing and others for where I was in my life. I doubted myself, and didn’t believe it was possible to live a fulfilling life with purpose and connection. Even the concept of “a fulfilling life” sounded unrealistic to me. I kept applying pressure on myself to figure things out, which kept myself in a state of resistance. 


I was caught in a pattern of making decisions in order to please others around me, rather than truly honoring myself and my own dreams. This was something I did since childhood in order to feel a superficial sense of acceptance and approval from others. I pictured myself continuing down this path, leading to an unsatisfying life of checking off items to fit ‘the mold.’  I envisioned myself settling in a relationship that didn’t feel right, taking a job promotion because it was in front of me, and not moving to a new city because change felt difficult. 


My anxiety and depression gradually heightened, until my suffering was displayed so clearly that all my tears and denial could no longer hide the pain. A part of me began to awaken, and I could see that the script I had been living by was not my own, and not one that I wanted to continue to act out. As I reached a breaking point with my experience with life, I began to wonder: Why am I so unhappy? How can I experience more peace and joy? How can I live a fulfilling life?

It became clear that I needed to make changes. With support from amazing coaches, friends, books, self care practices, travel, and deep self reflection, a profound sense of clarity and compassion began to develop in my life. Ultimately, I have been realigning with my authentic self and allowing my truth and radiance to naturally unfold. I've been taking the pressure off myself and surrendering so that the universe can work through me with ease and grace. 


By no means do I have everything figured out now. I still get frustrated, confused and overwhelmed.

I do however feel in touch with my authentic self. I have embraced many parts of myself that I formally rejected, and released many beliefs that no longer serve me. I honor my needs and have taken the heavy pressure off myself that had kept me feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I have more clarity around my boundaries and needs, and am not afraid to express them. I take ownership of my decisions and life choices. I am more compassionate with myself. I have tools to foster more meaningful relationships with forgiveness. I have married my dream partner. I prioritize the nutrition, movement, exercise, and rest I need to feel healthy and alive.


I discovered that I am passionate about coaching and inspiring others to live more in alignment with their values, authentically express themselves, and create meaningful and fulfilling lives. 

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