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Coaching with Claire

Are you tired of feeling stuck and frustrated, and desire to live a deeply fulfilling life?

I'm passionate about supporting my clients to shift from feeling stuck and frustrated,

to aligned and fulfilled.

I'll help you embrace your unique strengths, take the pressure off your shoulders, surrender your desire to control, create more space for joy, and truly honor your needs. This results in getting clarity on your next steps, leveling up in your career, unblocking your creativity, improving your relationships, and deeply nurturing your wellbeing. 


Connect with Claire virtually for your coaching session. 


Claire takes a whole person approach to making positive lifestyle changes, and helps you stay accountable to your goals with consistency and guidance. 

Claire will support you to

  1. Get clear on your vision of your fullest life, personally and professionally

  2. Create achievable, actionable goals

  3. Increase motivation and confidence

  4. Identify and overcome barriers and limiting beliefs

  5. Develop deeper self awareness

  6. Be accountable to accomplishing your goals 

  7. Celebrate your progress

Common Coaching Topic Areas

  • Authenticity and Alignment 

    • Are you tired of trying to force yourself to be 'successful' and are ready to allow yourself to naturally unfold into the masterpiece that you truly are? 

    • Have you historically made decisions in your life in order to please others? (I.e. chose a career path that your parents wanted for you, accepted a job promotion even though your current career path or company makes you feel miserable, married your partner because all your friends were getting married, stopped pursuing your creative interests because others said you weren't good enough at them) 

    • Do you keep yourself small, avoid speaking up and using your voice, or feel that you are a victim? 

    • Are you ready to break free from the self-limiting script that you have living, and are ready to create a self-empowering life? 

  • Career Transitions, Entrepreneurship, Confidence, and Creativity

    • Do you feel like there is never enough time to get your work done? 

    • Are you ready to unlock your potential with your work, without linking your self-worth to it? 

    • Does your current employment feel stagnant, meaningless, or out of alignment?

    • Do you desire work that brings you purpose, passion, and fulfillment?  

    • Do you feel creatively blocked, and desire to allow creativity to flow through you like magic? 

    • Are you interested in starting your own business or pursuing a different career path, and are not sure how to approach this transition?

    • Does your work stress bleed into other areas of your life? 

  • Stress and Anxiety Management

    • Do you feel overwhelmed by stress and anxiety? 

    • Does your stress interfere with your mood, eating habits, energy, or wellbeing?  

    • Are you interested in living with more peace and ease, and desire tools to manage stress and anxiety?

  • Body Care and Self Love

    • Do you find yourself judging your body, weight, or appearance? 

    • Are you avoiding putting energy into your health, and are using work and other distractions to keep your mind occupied?  

    • Do you desire to nourish your body with the movement, nutrition and rest you need?

    • Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in your body, and desire to get in touch with your body's specific needs?

    • Are you interested in creating a healthy and loving relationship with your body? 

    • Do you desire to practice more self compassion and self acceptance?

    • Are you interested in letting go of unhelpful habits or thought patterns, and creating supportive, self-nourishing habits​​​?