Coaching with Claire

Are you ready to get out of your own way so you can live your fullest life?

Connect with Claire virtually or in person for a 50 minute coaching session

This is an evidence based, whole person approach to behavior change.

Claire will support you to

  1. Get clear on your vision of your fullest life

  2. Set achievable, actionable goals

  3. Increase motivation and confidence

  4. Identify and overcome barriers and limiting beliefs

  5. Develop deeper self awareness

  6. Be accountable to accomplishing your goals 

  7. Celebrate your progress

Common Focus Areas

  • Stress and Anxiety Management

    • Do you feel overwhelmed by stress and anxiety? 

    • Does your stress interfere with your mood, eating habits, energy, or wellbeing?  

    • Are you interested in living with more peace and ease? 

    • Do you desire tools to manage stress and anxiety?

  • Body Care and Self Love

    • Do you find yourself judging your body, weight, or appearance? 

    • Do you desire to nourish your body with the movement, nutrition and rest you need?

    • Are you experiencing pain or discomfort in your body, and desire to get in touch with your body's specific needs?

    • Are you interested in creating a healthy relationship with your body? 

    • Do you desire to practice more self compassion and self acceptance?

  • Create Positive Lifestyle Habits

    • Do you have unhelpful habits that hold you back? 

    • Do you feel like you could be doing more beneficial things for yourself? 

    • Are you interested in letting go of unhelpful habits and creating supportive habits?

  • Career Transitions, Entrepreneurship and Confidence

    • Does your current employment feel meaningless?

    • Do you desire work that brings you purpose, passion, and fulfillment?  

    • Are you interested in starting your own business or pursuing a different career path, and are not sure how to approach this transition?

    • Does your work stress bleed into your personal relationships? 

  • Spiritual Growth and Mindfulness

    • Do you feel disconnected from your spirituality or oppressed by your past relationship with spirituality or religion? 

    • Are you seeking to redefine or deepen your spirituality? 

    • Do you desire a life with more hope, peace and contentment? 

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