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Reviews from my clients

"With [Claire's] support I have been able to bring more creativity and calm to each moment. I feel more connected to my mind, body and spirit. I’d recommend working with Claire 11/10!                            


Katie Umbdenstock                                               

"Claire helped me break my editing goals down into small manageable pieces. With her help I was able to go from avoiding my writing life to fully embracing it and making my writing and editing goals. I highly recommend her for your coaching need!       


Liz Underwood                                                

"This [coaching] process was both enlightening and enjoyable. This was my first exposure to coaching, and it definitely opened my eyes to how great of a process it is. [Claire] is amazing, and is someone I feel could help many people with her combination of listening, judgement free guidance, and consistency.


MTSU Nursing School Graduate


"[Claire] guided me in what I needed to do in order to manage the crazy amount of stress I have in my life. She listened and allowed me to manage my stress in the best and most beneficial way for me.                                                                                                          "

Victoria Swanner.                                    

"With Claire's guidance and support I've been able to effectively improve this balance in my personal life while using a lot of the principles to help me set actionable, measurable goals for my business as well.


Water Cole, Skypeport Drones                       

"I found the best part of working with [Claire] to be the nonjudgmental, supportive, and intelligent attitude that she has to offer. She helped me develop goals that I will continue to work toward even though our sessions have concluded.                                                                                     "

Susanna Tolbert                                   


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