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Clarity Coaching with Claire 

Life coaching 



Hi, I'm Claire

I'm here to support you to unblock yourself to live an abundant life. You are tired of feeling stuck, frustrated and dissatisfied. I get it, I have been there myself.

I tried pouring my energy into a career that ultimately drained my soul and left me depleted. I felt unbalanced and out of alignment with my authentic self. I tried to force myself to get clear on what I wanted to get out of life. The more I put pressure on myself, the more overwhelmed I felt.


This frustration built up so high until I broke down, got support from amazing coaches, and realized I needed to surrender and get in tune with my authentic self. I began to allow the universe to work through me to do its magic, which has allowed me to move into flow. It feels like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders.  

Our world has been dominated by high productivity-focused energy for centuries. We have been bottling up emotions, ignoring our needs, and compromising our authenticity, all for the sake of productivity and grooming our egos. This has led us to where we are now, and our world is crying out for a new energetic vibration of leadership and expansion.


We are longing for the true power of alignment, compassion, ease, creativity, and play to take up more space. You are reading this now because a part of you is feeling this calling. You are tired of the pressure, the super-productivity focus, feeling like there is never enough time to get things done, constant stress, and feeling like you need to prove yourself as you approach life from a space of lack. 

I’m here to help you flip this paradigm upside down, and guide you back to the wholeness within. 

​If you are ready to create a deeply rewarding life, I am here to help you get unstuck, and allow yourself to become the most expansive being that you know you truly are. This is a dance of slowing down and surrendering, and taking action from a soulfully aligned space. ​

As an experienced coach, creative, and intuitive, I help you get out of your own way so you can achieve your goals and live your fullest life. I have supported hundreds of clients to turn their dreams into reality. As a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach, Life and Career Coach, and BA in Strategic Communications, I am equipped with the background, tools, and mindset to help you create a life where you feel confident, passionate, unstoppable, and fulfilled.​

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Hear from my clients

"I found the best part of working with [Claire] to be the nonjudgmental, supportive, and intelligent attitude that she has to offer. She helped me develop goals that I will continue to work toward even though our sessions have concluded.                                                                                     "

Susanna Tolbert                                   


"Claire helped me break my editing goals down into small manageable pieces. With her help I was able to go from avoiding my writing life to fully embracing it and making my writing and editing goals. I highly recommend her for your coaching need!       


Liz Underwood 

"[Claire] guided me in what I needed to do in order to manage the crazy amount of stress I have in my life. She listened and allowed me to manage my stress in the best and most beneficial way for me.                                                                                                          "

Victoria Swanner                                    

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